Four Ways to Get the Most from the Yorkshire Dales on a Short Break


Four Ways to Get the Most from the Yorkshire Dales on a Short Break

The Yorkshire Dales. A stunning and varied landscape. Hills, valleys, rivers, caves, and historic sites. It’s a place where you can discover, relax, and marvel.

If you’ve only booked your holiday cottage for a short break, time is limited. So how do you make sure you get an accurate taste of Yorkshire? Planning and knowledge are key. If you know the kinds of things you want to do on your short breaks, the easier it’ll be to plan your stay.

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We’ve put together a list of some of the things you can do, visit and try to get a real taste of Yorkshire in a short amount of time. Don’t forget to leave some time to enjoy your holiday cottage, too.


Caving Days

Not everything worth seeing in Yorkshire is above ground. You probably know the area is famous for its caves, so if you want to see a true glimpse of Yorkshire, and like a bit of adventure, caving is a must. There are some impressive things to be seen in the 400km plus of mapped passages and 2,000 caves and potholes under Yorkshire. No experience is necessary, as trained instructors will take you to a place that suits your experience, and still gives you an adrenaline pumping time.


See York from the Minster towers

A couple of hours’ drive from the Dales is York, with its majestic cathedral. The mighty structure took 250 years to complete. It was intended to be the most spectacular cathedral in Britain, and few could deny that it is indeed spectacular. Guided tours are included in the ticket price, so take advantage of the chance to learn all you can about the building and its history. Trips up the tower are popular with visitors, and it is worth considering for the impressive views of the city that you’ll be rewarded with.


The Forbidden Corner

A real treat for all the family, enthralling adults as much as children. The Forbidden Corner is a mixture of gardens, statues, water features, and tunnels. The name promises something unusual, and that’s what you get. Giant sculptures, underground tunnels, and secret rooms. The Forbidden Corner is the perfect place to explore, full of secrets to uncover, all encapsulated in a location with a strong visual style. It offers the benefits of several attractions rolled into one, making it a good choice for those on short breaks.


Travel in (historical) style

The Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway presents a unique and pleasant way to explore the picturesque Dales scenery. It combines the wonders of the local scenery with the fascination of steam travel. Explore the present with a taste of the past, as you glide serenely through the countryside. Likely to fascinate adults and children alike, a sightseeing trip via steam railway gives you a chance to see plenty of Yorkshire in an unusual and memorable way. Ideal for short breaks.

So, now you have plenty of things to do, you just need the perfect place to stay.