Fresh Yorkshire food from a vintage French van


Fresh Yorkshire food from a

vintage French van

Broughton Hall is so fond of its trusted suppliers we thought it about time we shared with you some charming stories about them.

First up we have the newly formed Cobble Kitchen, whose start up story derived from the love of delicious homemade food, wanting to support fresh produce and enjoying local living. And of course, driving…


Cobble Kitchen – a Broughton Hall trusted Supplier

Cobble Kitchen was only established in April but has been busy all summer catering for a range of events around Yorkshire’s market towns and cities from Skipton and Ilkley to Harrogate and Leeds. Susie set up the unique event catering business, and explains what led her to set this up in her home town of Yorkshire:

“I have always loved food and wanted to start a café. But with soaring costs I decided I wanted to sell my food a different way, so we went to Wales and bought a 1955 French van.”

That certainly is different.

“I decided to find a quirky vehicle which led us to the Citroen H Van because they are so cute (and you can stand up in them). The one we bought didn’t actually have an engine so we did have to salvage a van from France to get one. Now we have a working van with an original engine, which is quite rare.”


Fresh quiche served from the van

Novel to a tee, the aptly-named Cobble Kitchen conjures up an image of an old van clambering over the cobbled streets of quaint Yorkshire villages and suddenly the British-loved Hovis advert springs to mind complete with sepia tones and a traditional symphony soundtrack. Only this is a van, not a bike. And it runs uphill at a far quicker pace and with a lot more power behind it. And the bright yellow and white motor as it tootles past to its next party or event feels like it should instead be accompanied by a 1950s record.

Owner Susie has lots of fun driving the vintage vehicle;

“It does look quite hilarious on the road, and makes a fair loud noise as it only has three gears.”  

It has brought her such freedom and helped her realise her small business dreams that she affectionately named it Marcel, after the first owner in 1955, a detail they knew from obtaining the original log book (just a slip of paper) that came with the van when they bought it. Susie said;

“The first owner was Marcel Jean who was a farmer so I thought it’d be quite fitting. We brought him home to Yorkshire and converted him into a little cafe on wheels.”


Rocky Road by Cobble Kitchen

The catering van has a charm all of its own not least derived from the bright retro colours painted on its exterior and the characterful name illustrated across its sides. The authentic shape of the van with its big nose, protruding headlights and split windowed windscreen gives it a distinct identity and a sense of personality amongst other mobile caterers. We don’t think it will be long before customers start to get a bit attached to colourful Marcel driving along to his next job serving fresh, delicious food at weddings and birthday parties across the county.


The popular coffee machine

‘Simple, high quality menus served in a relaxed way’ is how Cobble Kitchen’s creator describes the offering.  Directly from the van Susie serves really tasty homemade, rustic food (that is made from her kitchen at home) from toasties and sandwiches to quiches and soups. She sources from local bakeries for larger events but otherwise everything is homemade. “People love things like the soup (which is always seasonal veg) because it is a little bit more of a healthy option at an event than your usual hot dogs or burgers. And we serve it with our homemade Irish soda bread ( I have a big Irish family) and it always goes down well!”.

‘Local, seasonal and soulful’ is the business’ motto and Susie intends for all the food to live up to that description. She loves to support other local businesses around her base in Skipton, the Gateway to the Dales, through buying local produce to use as ingredients in her lovely dishes.

“We also serve a variety of freshly baked cakes and provide coffee from a cappuccino machine.”

Susie has found that already the coffee is taking off in a big way.

“People love the coffee, even the most discerning drinkers. It is roasted locally, we use Yorkshire Dales milk and are all fully trained baristas so take pride in the coffee we serve, even in the middle of a field.”


Cobble Kitchen caters at Broughton Hall

Cobble Kitchen has so far enjoyed a great reception from many customers and lots of support on social media, of which the local business is a huge advocate as it is a way of getting to know customers and letting people know about the location of its next event.

You can stay informed of these food events by following the unique catering company on Twitter here or drool over the latest baked goodies via their Facebook page here. We wish Susie and Marcel a whole load of Yorkshire luck on their travelling venture across the amazingly tasty and beautiful county.

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