Why historic homes make the best house party venues


Why historic homes make the best

house party venues

Where to start! There are so many reasons to hold your next birthday party, family reunion or anniversary celebration at one of England’s stunning stately homes. You can be spoiled for choice if you take into account all the country Estates in Yorkshire let alone England.

However, your search is narrowed somewhat when you consider only those homes that are available for private function or residential hire.  Broughton Hall is one of a few stately homes in the region where guests can enjoy complete use of the house and live in it as if it was their own home.

Here is why the historic house venue will stay a favourite among event managers and party planners when sourcing their clients’ venues and the reason why, once a private group has found such a gem of a private house party property, they will come back year after year.

Hall no shadow

Firstly, the interior decoration of most historic venues, if well maintained, befits any celebration where the hosts wish to impress and indulge their guests.  The houses often have portraits of ancestors and family heirlooms dotted around the property which gives a wonderful homely atmosphere to your party venue.

Many stately homes have luxury bedrooms mainly in keeping with the age and style of the property and therefore portraying much charm and character, and above all, comfort. Broughton Hall has 15 beautiful bedrooms complete with grand four poster beds and wooden panelled walls, stunning tapestries and luxurious rugs; all adorned in wonderful colours from bright summer meadow yellows to rich, ruby reds. The guest accommodation at many private hire venues of this nature offer an eclectic mix of bedrooms to suit the variety of guests that have been known to walk through their doors.

bedroom with ornate carved four poster 2

The state rooms offer a mix of relaxation and fun for those looking for a historic house party in Yorkshire. The drawing room is steeped in history with lavish wall coverings, roaring fireplaces and cosy sofas. The ornately designed though informal dining room is often a central part of a residential stay especially if the party wish to celebrate with family dining round the table in the evenings. There is often a games room, or at Broughton Hall a Billiards Room, where guests can re-acquaint or even get to know one another over a few drinks. The library is the quietest room in the house with comfort written all over it. Book loving guests can hideaway for a year and not want for more – with walls lined with books and sometime even a secret door!

Dining Room

The hallways and corridors seem to go on for miles, turning into hidden rooms and unassuming spaces. Window seats around every corner with views to take your breath away are a wonderful escape for the romantic guest. Many historic homes available for private hire welcome pets, which adds to that welcoming feel. The endless scenic parkland beyond the formal gardens is ideal to let them enjoy the land whilst you look on from your sun loungers or the garden wall.

Conservatories are often kept in their original state with floor to ceiling glass panes, letting in tremendous light, making them the perfect space to enjoy the English summer weather.  Even if it’s raining guests can still enjoy sitting with afternoon tea surrounded by beautiful smelling flowers.

For early risers these modern stately homes often offer outside activities within the residential package – a tennis court or, like Broughton Hall, a swimming pool. Take a dip with the faint sounds of farmland over the way.

Broughton Hall is a Georgian country house built originally in the 1500s and through its various stages of restoration it has maintained an authentic look and feel and exquisite features that complete a stately home. Our guests at Broughton Hall have been known to repeat their booking as soon as they have left for many of the qualities the stately venue has to offer detailed above and not least for the memories of their previous stay. Whether you’re a family or group of friends, a corporate team or business looking for a unique event setting, this is one of many spectacular venues for such an occasion.