Yorkshire’s very own Utopia: the most idyllic meeting venue


Yorkshire’s very own Utopia: the most idyllic meeting venue

‘Utopia: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect’

How can Utopia at Broughton Hall maintain such peace and stillness when it is always so very busy? It is the magic that does it, right? Utopia’s constant halo of serenity that looks over the stylish, beautiful building and its glorious flower-brimming walled garden. That’s how it feels, anyway.

utopia walled garden in colour

Light and airy spaces and onsite car parking

Utopia, Yorkshire’s stunningly unique meeting and events venue come daytime bistro is forever bustling with people. They can be Broughton people; who consist of the 600 workers on the Estate, all dotted across the quaint countryside in converted farmhouses, cottages and old buildings that make up the offices on the Broughton Hall Estate. Or Friends of Broughton, who casually dine at Utopia for lunch throughout the week. If not to these most welcome crowds, Utopia plays host to parties of families and friends, to corporate team meetings and large business conference groups, to celebrations, anniversary dinners, comedy nights and product launch events.

Despite Utopia’s calm and passive exterior and setting it has a responsibility to Broughton Hall – to entertain, to curb appetites and quench thirsts; to offer cool fruit drinks to hardworking gardeners, to provide hot cups of tea to guests coming in out of a sudden downpour of rain and to cook consistently fresh homemade lunches five days a week.

Utopia has a role, like all the venues at Broughton Hall. It is not there to simply look pretty and become a pleasing backdrop for photographers. Yet, like a true professional, Utopia, with its magic halo, manages to do just that.

Walled Garden

The tranquil Utopia walled garden Yorkshire

Your day may not have gotten off to the best start, chasing suppliers and chasing deadlines, but an impromptu trip to Utopia with its wooden-glass façade and inviting terrace suddenly makes the day seem brighter. It could be the intoxicating smell of fresh coffee in the early morning or the sweetly smelling healthy salads that colour the stream of plates exiting the kitchen over lunchtime. All the things Utopia, our social meeting hub, strives to constantly deliver with, it seems, so little effort. A seamless working process that simply happens. After all, that is how the best venues in Yorkshire should be run.

But there is so much more to Utopia than food and drink. It has its own personal atmosphere which is created through calming, light filled spaces that blend so naturally with its environment outside. And, in the spring and summer months especially, this atmosphere is heightened and complemented by the idyllic private gardens surrounding it.

walled garden

Peace and serenity surrounds the meeting venue

Pale yellow winding paths weave their way passed high bushes and back to back clusters of overgrown wild flowers as they climb the hilly garden, curving this way and that to reach their destination; the three sided terrace connecting the building to its pretty landscape.

Let your imaginations run wild in the Walled Garden where floral designs are beyond breath-taking once they reach full bloom, offering shade and privacy around discreetly placed benches so Broughton wanderers can literally hide away within its walls.

The magic of Utopia is apparent to anyone who has ever opened one of the black wrought iron gates, stepped into its garden and started up the maze to its welcoming doors. It certainly has a peacefulness and calmness. This maybe comes from its confidence in knowing that it is exactly where it should be and that once visited it lingers in people’s imaginations as being a truly perfect place.