Nature Recovery Programme

Rewilding at Broughton

The Broughton Sanctuary Nature Recovery Programme is a heartfelt commitment to address one of our deepest contemporary crises – our lack of harmonious co-existence with the Earth – an issue causing mass extinction of species across the globe as well as a deep lack of belonging for humanity.

We feel it is our duty to leave the Broughton Sanctuary in a much healthier condition for generations to come and aim to demonstrate how humans can live in a more fruitful and positive partnership with the land, in a way which helps both nature and humanity to truly flourish.

How Are We Doing This?

To achieve this, we are transforming approximately one-third of our land to a much wilder state, with existing long-term farming community continuing to operate as usual on the other two-thirds.

We believe that the Grade 3 - 5 land of Broughton Sanctuary is more suited to nature recovery than to intensive farming, and so we will be assisting these areas to return to their former natural habitats whilst retaining the most suitable, fertile lands for more “traditional” farming.

One-third for nature recovery will still, once natural vegetation has established, support small numbers of widely roaming grazing animals such as suitable rare breed cattle, pigs and ponies. This is necessary to enable natural processes to prevail and thus maximise the wildlife value of our Sanctuary.

Approximately one-third of our land to a much wilder state
Existing long-term farming community continue on remaining two-thirds
Grade 3 - 5 land is more suited to nature recovery
The one-third will support small numbers of grazing animals

What Are We Doing?

As with all similar projects in areas heavily modified by humanity, we will need to carry out several interventions to kick-start the recovery of natural processes and thus nature recovery.

Tree planting
Natural regeneration of trees, scrub & grasslands
The creation and restoration of wetland habitats
Sensitive woodland management

Our Contribution

This will be our contribution to the UK Government target to protect 30% of the country for nature by 2030 and so, wherever possible, these interventions will be carried out in collaboration with government agencies.

Why Are We Doing it?

As well as aiming to increase biodiversity and health and wellbeing opportunities for people, this nature recovery will also deliver a wide range of other benefits to society, known as “ecosystem services”. Through this project we are also helping to grow White Rose Forest, the community forest in North and West Yorkshire, and the larger Northern forest, which will stretch from Merseyside to the Yorkshire coast.

Increase biodiversity
Health and wellbeing opportunities
Working to reduce flood risk downstream
Carbon lock-up
Rid ourselves of toxic chemicals & hormones
Improve water quality in our rivers and streams

Common Questions Answered

For more information and answers to any questions you may have, see our rewilding FAQs:

Our Philosophy Behind the Project

Rewild the Land, Rewild the Spirit

We recognise that to obtain peace within our ‘outer nature’ we must also obtain peace within our ‘inner nature’. The change we need to see will not only come through rewilding the land but also through rewilding the spirit.

The Web of Life

It is in our desperate search for more, bigger and greater that we have forgotten that we are not separate but in fact part of an interconnected web of life. Rewilding the spirit is about remembering that we all belong to the same web.

Bound Together

We need this biodiverse web to contribute to the delicately running natural cycles that help make Earth habitable to humans and contribute to our way of life in many ways. Biodiversity is essential for this wide array of natural cycles to exist and thrive. One break in the chain can cause a major malfunction and halt these systems that we so heavily rely on. To preserve the processes that are most important to us, we must preserve them all. 

All Things Connect

The Broughton Sanctuary is dedicated to encouraging this reconnection of our ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ nature. We believe that with rewilding the land and kick-starting the recovery of natural processes in conjunction with rewilding the spirit through learning to live in compassionate reciprocity with nature we can heal both ourselves and our world.

Follow Our Journey

Our rewilding journey has just begun on the Broughton Sanctuary and everything is “work in progress”. We are doing our best to engender changes sympathetically, and we recognise that we also need to be bold and brave if we are to achieve our objective to create a legacy project of great benefit to society for many generations to come.

Channel 4 News

The Nature Recovery programme at Broughton was recently featured on Channel 4 news, click the link below to watch.

Meet the Team

We are enormously grateful to everyone that has been involved in our Nature Recovery project so far. The expert advice and ongoing support we receive from Professor Alastair Driver, Matt Taylor, Wayne Scurrah and Richard Preston Garden Design is invaluable. A huge thank you also to the White Rose Forest, DEFRA, Kirklees Council, Craven District Council, JBA Consulting and the Environmental Agency.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute to our project, please talk to us.

Rewilding FAQs

A series of common questions and queries answered by the Nature Recovery team.


Holiday Homes

The Broughton Hall Estate is home to a magnificent Historic House, a collection of unique Holiday Homes and an off-grid Shepherd’s Hut.



Our 3,000 acre Estate is a wondrous mix of rolling meadow pastures, ancient woodland, wild reservoirs and meandering rivers.

tempest history


The Broughton Hall Estate has been the home of the Tempest family since 1097 and enjoys a rich history stretching back over the Millennium.