We believe that the deepest meaning of our contemporary crisis is that it is giving birth to a new humanity.

The outlines of this new humanity are becoming clear. We are being invited into a world beyond dogma of all kinds and beyond the religious, political, economic and tribal divisions that have separated us for so long and caused so much suffering.

What Avalon and the Broughton Hall Estate are dedicated to are all the modalities of authentic spiritual inspiration, healing and simple, invigorating connection with nature that can prepare people to be channels of this new humanity.

We aspire to be an oasis of peace, joy and celebration, a sanctuary where everyone who comes can connect with their deepest self and an incubator of creativity and passion to serve the world.

Vision for the Broughton Hall Estate from custodian Roger Tempest and his partner, director and co-founder of Avalon Paris Ackrill.

A word from Roger

The Tempest family has been established in this area of Yorkshire since 1097 and have always valued service with a strong Catholic spiritual lineage. It is my wish to take this impulse from the depth of the Christian tradition to expand it in a more universal way to positive truths and ways of healing and being. At Broughton we simply aim to be a 'force for good' for the wider community.

Our passion is to unite the best of the traditions of the past with the most creative and positive forces of the spiritual renaissance that is happening in our time – part of the solution led activism movement. We cannot go forward abandoning the wisdom of the past, however it needs to be made absolutely relevant to what is being born now. It is a marriage of opposites – a marriage of tradition with innovation, the eternal laws of nature and emergent forms of truth in action.

A word from Paris

We both are consciously on an undogmatic, universal spiritual path and have discovered how taking such a path begins to free you from the burdens, conventions and constraints of the past and introduce you to the joy of service.

As a community we would like to share the joy, lightness, freedom, creativity and hunger to be of help that arise naturally from beginning to know who you really are. Roger and I long to share what we have discovered and what feels relevant for these times with others - for all who are willing to receive, regardless of religion, nationality, sexuality, political and economic differences. At Avalon and Broughton we seek to provide space for exploration into new fields of reality.

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Nature Recovery at Broughton

What is the New Way of Life?

A message from Andrew Harvey, founder of Sacred Activism, author of forty books, and Broughton’s philosopher in residence.



Our 3,000 acre Estate is a wondrous mix of rolling meadow pastures, ancient woodland, heather moorland, wild reservoirs and meandering rivers.


Nature Recovery Programme

The Broughton Nature Recovery Programme is a heartfelt commitment to address one of our deepest contemporary crises.

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The Broughton Hall Estate is home to a magnificent Historic House, a collection of unique Holiday Homes and an off-grid Shepherd’s Hut.